Holly Markhoff

Posted on Saturday, August 6th, 2011 at 1:50 pm

Born in New York City, I grew up outside of Washington DC, in Alexandria, Virginia. I currently live in Richmond with my husband, two children & two dogs. My family inspires me with their kind, and enthusiastic ‘art criticism’ as they journey with me over time and place to watch a piece evolve. A piece ‘in process’ can take from days to years to feel completed. I move most canvases around the house to ‘live’ with as they are being created. From easel, to kitchen counter, to chairs by windows, I soak in the balance, design, color and movement from various perspectives, until each added hue, line or texture has purpose.

My recent body of work is rich with emotion, textures and dramatic colors. At times my work is spontaneous and simply directed by the materials I use. More often my pieces continue the process of completing the expression of a recurrent sketch or theme. Typically, I use an exciting variety of mediums and techniques on each piece. Often acrylic and enamel paints are layered and combined with beautifully colored and textured papers and fabrics. At times I use a heating element to seal and texturize the paint. My artistic goal is to create works that are soothing and sophisticated, yet express an inspiring playfulness and joy.

Contact information: Email: HMarkhoffStudio@aol.com or Visit me on Facebook @ Holly Markhoff, Studio




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